• 20 days ago


    This past two years were the hardest of my life and I need to talk about it. Two years ago my mom tried to kill her self and this is what started everything, I felt like I could trust no one and I felt so lonely. So I tried to fill this loneliness with a guy who didn’t talk to me unless when I was telling him that I was tired of it. Then I found another guy who I feel madly in love with, he was me entire world, my reason to wake up in the morning. I trusted him, he knew everything about me, he was my everything until he cheated on me. This just put me so down, I felt betrayed again, after what happened with my mother the fact that someone I loved that much betrayed me broke me even deeper and I felt depressed for 9 months. I got better after this time. And this week everything came back. And I am feeling like I’m losing everyone and I’m so scared to just fall back in it.