• 23 days ago

    Crippling Depression

    I've had depression throughout my life, but this past year it is worse than ever. I brought so many problems on myself through my own actions. The main causes were/are alcohol (I checked into a facility a bit back and have not drank since), the lies I end up telling on alcohol, the relationships I destroy and the like. I've lost my job a year ago and have struggled financially. My wife left me a month ago and while I visit them often, my children mainly live with her. I am deeply in love with her but she is happy with new facets of her life, which make me even more depressed. We talk around (well she does) whether we'll get back together. I am so homesick for my family. I know it starts with one positive step, a job, any job, etc. It's that it feels like the depression weights a 1,000 lbs right now.


  • 22 days ago

    RE: Crippling Depression

    life is for happiness not for depression. do not worry about Job. Create your own skill first. find out a way to do somethings. One day you can create jobs for many! do not worry about family now. make your self active and do something good you like to do. And develop your skill more!