• Depression

    Sometimes mine gets really bad but I always find it does get better. I am bipolar. So it seems a little harder sometimes. I will say this. If someone isn’t there for you then let them go. Some people just don’t understand or have no desire to be involved. A person that I thought I could rely on after a long friendship proved that to me. I feel good knowing there are places like this even though it’s the internet. We can support each other.


  • 1 month ago

    RE: Depression

    The person is now in my home I will let the person go soon. It is takes little bit time. That's all. I am adults enough to be myself. And the person I love that one hopefully keep in touch. If no it is ok. My life won't be stop. I know how to make life better cause i am valuable for anyone.
      • One thing is very true. We have value! We must never forget that. It helps us remember we are only human. Everyone has flaws. Had a good cry this evening feeling a little better.