• 5 months ago

    Depression and anorexia/ bulimia

    Hey there I don’t know if anyone has ever battled to shift their mind set? I am battling bulimia and anorexia but I have given up all together and no matter how hard I try to fight and shift my thinking I am stuck. A lot has happened that has led to this but I won’t even give myself a chance. It’s like I’ve just got no more hope in me and I’m too tired to try. The weird thing is I am trying to understand why I’m doing this. I mean ultimately it means I’ll either die but this is a really *** way to die or land up in government hospital again having to start again. I cannot do it again but I don’t feel in control of this compulsion to starve, throw up, drink and basically do everything I can to destroy myself. Hoping someone has something to say because so far no one can help me change my thinking, not even me. How can my mind be so out of control? My family have been through enough but I feel desperate to feel nothing anymore.