• 5 months ago

    I need help

    My boyfriend is the first person I have loved since my husband passed. I feel like I love him even more for acceoting who I am and my life. I am a little bit older than him and have thought he couldn't possibly love me the real me. Whrn i got pregnant he was 20 and i was scared he told me if I had the baby he'd have to leave. I started flirting with someone but never did anything and i felt horrible the whole time. I think I was sabotaging myself and then we had an abortion. He found out last night I was talking to the other man and he wants to leave. I know I did this to myself but all I want is him. Last night was the first night in a long time I wished I wouldn't wake up in the morning and was disappointed when I did. Please help me


  • 5 months ago

    RE: I need help

    You better not to talk with any other men since he doesn't like it. Having friend doesn't mean you have to continiaously talk with them. You better talk when you need them for your any reference or other official matters. But no flirting with men. Your Boyfriend wouldn't like it for sure. Tell him about your feelings and let him know the truth that you just flirted and you are feeling sorry for it and you will not do it again if you want his love. Trust me men never like to see their women like that..