• 18 days ago

    Trapped inside my own head

    I feel like my head is constantly buzzing. like a banging drum, a repeating loop that tries to focus on something and can't. After a while I get sore eyes, almost like a burning sensation. This can spread into my nose. Can I head butt the wall to make it stop? I sit in-front of a computer screen 8 hours a day which makes it worse.

    I find it difficult to remember things. I talk over the top of people. I struggle to get tasks done. Listening to people for any length of time for anything over a minute is hard. Only alcohol makes it stop. I can drink 1/4 whisky a night. It's bliss. The fuzziness goes away. I can think clearly. I sweat heavily during the night. With or without alcohol. The more stressed I am the more I sweat.

    This can't be right? There has to be a mute button?


  • 17 days ago

    RE: Trapped inside my own head

    Hello Life Sucks,

    This Sha,

    are you sure you are not my twin sister(smile) boy do I remember those days with a shot of brandy and milk. everyday...… the stress would still be there, it's just I am so numb to the pain; I pass out with a smile on my face.

    Eventually drinking for twenty years, has taken it's toll. I have seizures and tinnitus(ringing in my ears)

    One of the first lessons I learned taking up naturopathy and relaxation therapy, is that man made quick remedies - booze, drugs, eating or please don't laugh at me sex (smile) eventually does more harm than good. That's why I've decided try to salvage some parts of my mind and body; that I have not completely damaged.

    In my lessons that I had taken, it never seems to amazed me the power of the brain. That soft voice within side us, that's our brain, telling us recognize and appreciate the gift that has been given to us. If we take care our brain, with the right type of nutrients, our brain will become not only our ally and backbone for whatever the crisis may be. May it be for the mind or the body; it doesn't matter, it takes care all of our needs. All we have to do is acknowledge it's uniqueness.

    Give it a try.

    Good luck Sha.
  • 16 days ago

    RE: Trapped inside my own head

    there may well be a mute button, but you won't find it here. my suggestion is that this is way beyond an online forum of sympathetic amateurs. you need to see a medical doc to rule out physical nasties, like brain tumors, etc, and if all is ok physically then see a psychologist or other "talk doc". the drinking may only be a mental boost, and not really a physical one. either way, that much booze is gonna bang you up all the way around, sooner or later. best to you, and i am glad you reached out for help. get it professionally, though.
      • 16 days ago
        I agree, you need professional help. There's no way anyone here can diagnose you or offer you any kind of treatment that is appropriate for you. You need to be seen by a doctor - go to your primary doctor first, and then he/she may do some tests then and/or refer you to the proper specialist. But you won't find answers to what you are experiencing here.

        Best to you
  • 11 days ago

    RE: Trapped inside my own head

    Inner ear infection is a thought that comes to me. But sounds like it could be long term. Agree with others. See a doc ASAP.