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    This stinks☹️

    A month ago I tried to commit suicide. I was hospitalized for 8 days. During those days my parents were talking to my roommates about my living situation. My parents made the decision that I would move back in with my mom.(I’m 20) I was in the hospital and finally got to talk to someone “outside” and my mom tells me that not only I can’t go back to my apartment with my two best friends but that someone else ( a girl who is on our friend group) is moving in. I understand my parents want me to be safe and it’s a good idea to live with my mom right now but having another girl move in while I was in the hospital crushed me. Getting out of the hospital and all my stuff was at my moms and the other girl was all moved in. It all happened so quickly within a week! I wanted to still pay rent while at my moms and then move back in when I’m more stable. But now that someone else took my spot in the lease I feel like I have nothing to get better for. Now there all having fun and I don’t know how to get back to my normal life. I’m just so angry at the whole situation. I only lived with them for 6 weeks and I loved it. I just recently came home from school too and had to say goodbye to some really good friends. The other girl who moved in is just so excited to be living there and won’t stop talking about her new apartment. I’m very angry and hurt and feel like my friends don’t understand how bad this feels.


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    RE: This stinks☹️

    Hi Sally, first of all I want to say that I am really sorry for your suicide attempt, hope you are not having those thoughts again.

    As to what your parents did, you are an adult and you should decide where to live, however if your are living out of your parents support and sustain, you have to obey them as the are paying everything for you, you can become independent if you work and sustain yourself.

    My advice for you to appreciate what your parents are doing for you, and realize that life is not all about friends, and being with them and have fun with them.

    At this point in life, now that you are not a teenager anymore you may be thinking about what you are going to do with your life.

    I wish you the best luck, and I apologize if I sound harsh, but is the way I think and what I've seen that works.

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        Hi Sally,

        I would have to agree with Llunam. I wanted to say something like that but I couldn't figure out how to say it, so I will just have to say, "ditto" to what he/she said!

        Growing up can sometimes be hard, but it's well worth it!

        If you are not already, I would highly encourage you to start seeing a therapist if you are willing to do the work! Your life will be better for it!

        Hold onto hope!

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    RE: This stinks☹️

    Hi there. I am so sorry that you are feeling this way. I wish I could give you a hug through the screen.

    Here [https://wb.md/2OTU4XP] is a list of crisis resources, hotlines, and web sites that may be of help if you are having thoughts of physically harming yourself or someone else. If you think you need immediate help and cannot speak to a family member, or a medical professional, please reach out to one of these organizations or dial 911 immediately.

    Most importantly, please know that we are here for you, even if it's just to listen.
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    RE: This stinks☹️

    Hello Sally,

    My name is Sha,

    Gathering from your message(s) somehow may it be of your own doing, or from others, your self esteem has been destroyed. What a lot of us don't realize, is that we are our own best friend. Why? because we know how it feels to feel isolated, disrespected, humiliated, afraid and confused. Not even our parents can understand our pain Sally, we appreciated their efforts, yet it's not dealing with the real trauma. One of the things that I learned taking up naturopathic, is the brain is the most powerful healer in the universe. Whatever the pain may be body mind or sprit, nothing is impossible for our brain. Address the issue Sally, that made you want to commit suicide, and then step by step ask that powerful brain of yours, what type of nutrients does it need. When pampering your brain with a charger(smile) that beautiful brain of yours, will help you get over the hurdle.

    Also speaking of friends Sally! there is a difference between a friend and associates. Put your trust within yourself, in doing that when those around you let you down it won't affect you. Already Sally, you got those who are concern about you trying to commit suicide, there for you. If you need a sound board you got it right here.
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    RE: This stinks☹️

    I know this is hard to hear but your mother is right!
    You are 20 years old and tried to kill yourself and believe me I fully understand because I tried to kill myself when I was 25 and my son was only 2 years old and believe me having to get my stomach pumped was no joke!
    A beautiful 20 year old who has 2 roommates and tried to kill herself their is a big problem somewhere you should be enjoying yourself when you are so young!
    Your mother loves you with all her heart and soul!
    This is going to be a great journey for you and your Mother!
    You need to bond and heal with your Mother!
    God has opened a great new door so embrace this journey and know that you are truly loved!