• 5 days ago

    AntiPsychotics For Schizophrenia... Besides These

    I've take. Risperidone (Acathasia where I couldn't sit still)
    Latuda (Catatonia where I couldn't move... even wiggle my fingers...and I thought I was dead that night)

    I'm on Geodon now (for Schizophrenia.....but I'd like to call it Schizoaffective because it ain't hat serious now that I'm 35..... began at age 20...

    paranoid ..


    All of it

    Seroquel, Zyprexa makes me FAT and I can't lose it no matter what...

    Latuda I think made me skinny and I felt awesome about my body..i could walk around shirtless...in my boxers at home...

    now i feel fat and cover up my body

    what are some alternatives I could ask my Dr this month?

    because Geodon isn't cutting it

    As far as Zyprexa, I took pills for a few years in my early 20s, and the Zydis dissolving tabs as well... from 2016-2019 I took Zyprexa Relprev which is the monthly long injection...

    I don't know about that..

    I wanna see feel good in my thoughts and also about my physical and my body.,..

    What's your advice to me please?