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    AntiPsychotics For Schizophrenia... Besides These

    I've take. Risperidone (Acathasia where I couldn't sit still)
    Latuda (Catatonia where I couldn't move... even wiggle my fingers...and I thought I was dead that night)

    I'm on Geodon now (for Schizophrenia.....but I'd like to call it Schizoaffective because it ain't hat serious now that I'm 35..... began at age 20...

    paranoid ..


    All of it

    Seroquel, Zyprexa makes me FAT and I can't lose it no matter what...

    Latuda I think made me skinny and I felt awesome about my body..i could walk around shirtless...in my boxers at home...

    now i feel fat and cover up my body

    what are some alternatives I could ask my Dr this month?

    because Geodon isn't cutting it

    As far as Zyprexa, I took pills for a few years in my early 20s, and the Zydis dissolving tabs as well... from 2016-2019 I took Zyprexa Relprev which is the monthly long injection...

    I don't know about that..

    I wanna see feel good in my thoughts and also about my physical and my body.,..

    What's your advice to me please?



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    RE: AntiPsychotics For Schizophrenia... Besides These

    This is how I'm feeling. I don't have a diagnosis yet but started when I turned 21 things got bad. Hallucinating and voices and extreme paranoia. I'm 24 now and am on serequil and dont know what to do
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        Hello Taylorann,

        This is Sha,

        you have come to the right place, this webpage was designed for people like me and you; who have to deal with mental pain/anguish everyday. One of my teachings that I have learned, is a phrase - tend or befriend support group(s) What it means Taylorann, is that you can used your compassion to help someone, or seek energy from someone to extend compassion towards you.

        Support group(s) to me are not as effective as one on one inner circle bonding. When you have too many different opinions, different antidotes on the remedy/solution; it becomes confusing.

        Let's try this, create a personal journal. Everyday when getting up and before going to bed, write describe the whole day's activities

        At the end of the week summarize that whole week, with questions.


        Why am I angry? Why do I feel alone? Why is everyone picking on me? Why is it so hard for me to look beyond that dark cloud. What have I done to bring this mental pain on me?

        Welcome to life Taylorann, we all have a story to tell, we can either confront our mental pain, with someone(s) assistance; or flee, and refused to address our fears. You know what help me along the way Taylorann, realizing that I have to find myself worthy of a piece of mind, a slice of that apple pie, and above all happiness within.

        That's where the BRAIN steps in.

        All we have to do is give our brain, the respect it deserves. Once we learned to appreciate the power and the beauty of our gift, there is nothing we can not accomplished. I hope this does not scare you. Once we put our trust in the intelligence of our brain, technically, we don't need person(s)
        because we found a reliable friend - me.

        Give it a try Taylorann, we are here for you.

        Good luck Sha.
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    RE: AntiPsychotics For Schizophrenia... Besides These

    Hello Rhodeireland,

    This is Sha,

    The sad thing about prescriptive medication, is that the longer you take them, the more dangerous they become. Before you know it they have to increased the potency, or add additional medications.

    What the professionals who failed to mention to their patents, the side effects of these medications, is eventually the potency wears off.


    Our body(s) Rhodeireland, was designed to take care of itself, the organic way. Not man made quick short term solutions.

    If you have mental emotional obstacles in your life, the answer is right there with you.


    What I learned from taking classes in naturopathy and relaxation therapy, our brain is the most powerful organ in the body.

    I have heard many stories such as yours Rhodeireland, describing the same similar situations of the side effects of the same medication you have been taken; for quite some time.

    Impact: Weight gain, scary visions, dark shadows, hallucination, voices speaking, feels somebody is after them...shall I say anymore, this is what happens being on anti-psychiatry for a long time, it damages the neurotransmitter in the brain.

    Let's see thru alternative substances, we can give your brain back it's power; to take control.

    Teas Mint, Peppermint, Chamomile Your pick
    Spices Ginger or cinnamon your pick
    Supplements Valerian Roots, Siberian Ginseng, Melatonin, L-Theanine, Gingko Biloba.

    Suggestion Tea in the morning with spice, and two supplements and tea in the evening with the additional three supplements.

    Rhodeireland, make sure you do not take all supplements together, very powerful sedatives.

    What this does is to increase neurotransmitter(s) serotonin and dopamine within the brain to become alert with clarity of your surroundings. It will also help to strengthen the brain to handle all emotional dysfunction(s) has spread; because of the duration of medication(s)

    Expect to see some changes within two weeks, however in your case, it may take a little bit longer, because of length of time of various medication(s) If taken on a regular basis, you will feel the effect/impact of your brain - draining the swamp - smile.

    Keep us posted.