• over 1 year ago

    I’m scared

    I think I’ll wait for two weeks and then I should tell my mom that I need to go to a therapist. I’M SURE that this will hurt her so bad. She even might end up depressed but if I killed myself that will hurt her even worse. But the problem is that the mental treatment in my country is bad. And I’m scared and uncomfortable to talk with someone about my feelings. I’m afraid that they all will judge me even my mom. I’m so lost idk what to do. The reason I’ll wait for two weeks more is that I have exams. Tbh honest what if I don't have depression. What if I’m just dramatic. What if they said I’m just stressed with school.


  • over 1 year ago

    RE: I’m scared

    You should definitely tell your mom how your feeling. I know it’s scary but it’s the first step to getting better is asking for help. I’m the same way though I hate talking about myself and my feelings it’s hard but it’s true the more you talk about things the easier it gets! You got this!!