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    PTSD or Anxiety???

    Hi, I am 16 and I think I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to a near death illness I experienced within the last 6 months. I have a lot of anxiety and feel a lot of guilt and fear around the event that happened. I also struggle with bad dreams and intrusive thoughts about the event. Can I be sure this is PTSD? or is this a form of anxiety? is there a way I can tell without going to the doctor? and is there anyone else who feels this way? I often feel alone because I cannot find anyone else who feels the same as me... let me know.
    With thanks, wigged out.


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    Hey, anonymous-

    Thanks for writing.

    Well… You had a trauma, and since that trauma you have had stress symptoms directly related to that trauma and you were not having them prior to the trauma. So, generically (since I can't diagnose you), we can say that you are having post-traumatic stress. And that is highly common. More than half the people who experience post-traumatic stress will gradually recover on their own within six months. But that's not happening to you. So, regardless of the diagnosis, you deserve some attention from someone who specializes in post-traumatic stress disorder and/or anxiety disorders. If you live close to a big city, I would suggest that you go to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America website and search for a specialist who works near you. This problem requires specialized training! Even if there is no one close to you, you can email or call a specialist in a city nearby and asked them if they can give you a referral. Here's the link to their referral page: https://members.adaa.org/search/custom.asp?id=4685

    Otherwise… You are not alone! Even if no one else in this community responds, you are not alone!
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    RE: PTSD or Anxiety???

    Wigged: regardless of any diagnosis or not, you have a problem and should seek help, without guilt, ebmarrassment, or regret. you deserve to be taken care of enough to get you through this. life throws some ugly stuff at us now and then, and the younger you are, the harder it is (sometimes) to deal with it. you are not even close to being alone on this. thousands of people experience anxiety, depression, loneliness, etc, etc, every day/week/month of any year. have you tried reading on any forums for this type of reaction? surely there are anxiety forums where you can read about others going through the same (and much worse) experience and get some support by posting there, or just reading and realizing how pervasive the condition you are experiencing is. you done good by voicing, now keep going and best of luck to you. remember that "luck" is where preparation meets circumstance, so you make it happen! cheers.