• 4 months ago

    Looking for support.

    My name is Sheena. I’d like to find a support group online since I haven’t had any luck finding one offline. I suffer from clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder. I was told I have ptsd by a psychiatrist. I’m sure I have that too. I need support because I need to separate myself from someone that has caused me a lot of pain and trauma. I decided that I wanted to separate myself from any communication with him because it almost caused me to kill myself and I don’t deserve the pain and trauma that he was putting me through. I love him and always will, I’ll never be with anyone else but I don’t deserve to be tortured like he has done in the past. I never once did anything to deserve the trauma and pain he put me through. I just need support during this time because he is the love of my life so this isn’t something that I want but it needs to be done. I just need support right now.
    Thank you