• 4 months ago

    Writing my thoughts

    I finally realize I’m depressed. I feel guilty for feeling this way. Im older,retired, volunteer, fat,short,slight CP, and have a lot to live for. So I’m coming here to read posts, then hope I can share as well. That’s all for now. I hope everyone finds peace


  • 4 months ago

    RE: Writing my thoughts

    Hi there,

    Wow, I'm sure that you have lots of good things about you and your life, eh? Funny how depression makes us forget those things, huh?

    Welcome to the board!

    How long do you think you've been depressed? Why do you think you should feel guilty for being depressed? Depression is hard enough to deal with - and to add guilt on top of that is way more than anyone should have to carry!

    Have you tried any kind of treatment such as meds and/or therapy? I have no idea if you need meds or not, but a Psychiatrist would. But meds alone typically isn't enough to treat depression - that's where therapy comes in. Therapy can help with what meds can't do - meds can't teach you skills to help work on and change faulty thinking patterns, heal emotionally, and make the needed behavioral changes that will help you to escape the chains of depression. Sometimes both meds and therapy are needed, but sometimes just therapy - either way, if you haven't tried either of them, I would seriously consider it. JUst keep in mind that therapy requires hard work and your honesty with yourself and your therapist and putting into practice what you learn - baby steps.

    At any rate - you are much more than your depression - depression is just a part of who you are - don't let it define you! Seek help to recieve treatment for it - there IS hope! You don't have to stay depressed forever! Depression will still stop by to visit from time to time, but when you learn certain skills and apply them, you will be able to learn to stand up against it so that it's visit becomes shorter! I know, I've lived with depression for over 30 years - started treatment for it about 27-28 years ago - been on the same meds for that amount of time - been in therapy - which has been a life saver for me! I still have my moments where depression will get the best of me - but it doesn't rule me anymore. You can do the same! I am 5 3 years old and believe me, sometimes I certainly wish I didn't have depression to fight off - but I do, so it's best to learn ways that will keep me from drowning in depression unless I like living like that (which I don't!)

    Hang in there and do whatever you can to take care of yourself! There is always a way! If finances are a barrier for you to seek treatment, there are organizations and individual therapists who can accommodate and there are free medication programs!

    Only you can make the decision to find the help you need so that you can live a better, happier life! :)