• 4 months ago

    I want to change meds

    I have been taking Trazodone, Zoloft, Levothyroxin, Rosuvastatin for cholesterol and Clonezepam for over 2 yrs. The zoloft lost its potency a while back. I think 2 yrs. I feel i have no energy, no appetite, not enjoying things. I told my doctor if he can try a new depression med for me. I got into a argument with a nurse asking me how do I know if doesn't work? It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. I more or less raised my voice to her and she was supposed to get back to me that day. She didn't call me back. Any replies or advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • 4 months ago

    RE: I want to change meds

    Hi Cindigal,

    You are absolutely right - it doesn't take a genius to figure out if your med is working or not, especially since you've given it a much longer try than you should have!

    You said that you talked with a nurse and she's the one who said this to you......why does it matter what she says, isn't it the doctor who prescribes your meds? Is the doctor you are seeing a Psychiatrist or your primary care doctor? If not a Psychiatrist, I would definitely see one for your meds because that is what he/she specializes in - a primary doctor does not!

    You have every right to ask for different meds if the ones you are taking are not working. If the doctor you are seeing refuses to work with you in changing your meds and working with you until you find the right ones, then I wouldn't hesitate to change doctors. No sense it staying with a doctor who is not able to help you.

    For future reference, when you get a change of meds, I wouldn't go for 2 years on it before telling your doctor that it's not working and/or it's producing intolerable side effects. There's no reason you should have to live with that. Your doctor can't help you unless you tell him or her exactly how the medication is or is not working for you after giving it a fair try. Communication with your doc is huge - huge for anyone and everyone who goes to any kind of doctor for any reason. They can not read minds and they can not (most often) help us without our input and working WITH him/her.

    You might want to consider therapy if you are not already seeing a therapist. Medication can only take one so far, but therapy is what helps us to make the true and lasting changes needed when willing to put in the work!

    At any rate, if your current doctor is not helping you and especially if he/she is your primary care doctor, as a big step of taking care of yourself, I would change doctors and see one who can actually help you and knows psychotropic medications.

    Hang in there!