• 3 months ago

    I am switching meds.

    For the longest time i was prescribed Trazodone. My doc said that drug was the best sleeper and you don't get addicting to it. Along the way he put me on Sertraline for depression. Well I gave it well over a year. Not working anymore. My psych is looking for another depression med. My mind went to either Rexulti or Tintellix. I read about Rexulti, too many side effects and you can gain weight...no way. I have a discount drug plan that my meds cost for couple of dollars for each. Also on Levothyroid for hypothyroid. My Tsh levels are normal. Also been losing alot of weight over 2 years, unexplained. I don't want a depressant that will make me gain weight after Iosing alot. Any reply or advice would be appreciated.