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    Will it ever end?

    I'm 47 years old. Spouse, dad, and grandparent. I've been dealing with depression and anxiety most of my life. I started taking Zoloft about 19 years ago. Since then I've been on different medications for depression and anxiety. I've been in counseling and have a psychiatrist. In 2016 I volunteered to admit myself in a mental hospital. It's a rollercoaster for me! See depression is real and it doesn't ever go away. It's just some days are better than others. On a scale 1 -10, 1 being the worse I'm a 2. I think of suicide daily. Dont plot just think. I feel like I'm in a low point of my life and nothing seems to help. Its family that keeps me going but I'm barely surviving.


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    RE: Will it ever end?

    Ketamine nasal spray was approved today by the fda in nasal spray form! Huge breakthru
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        Thank you for sharing. It is definitely worth looking into. The down side it will probably be expensive since it's new on the market.
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    RE: Will it ever end?

    You might want to talk with your Psychiatrist about MAOI (class of anti-depressants) such as Nardil, Parnate, or Marplan. I am taking Nardil (and lithium) and have been so for about 27 years! Prior to that, I tried many different medications to no avail! Nardil saved my life!

    MAOI's are not commonly prescribed anymore because of some food interactions (food with tyramine in it) and it has several drug interactions. But as long as you are responsible and if ever prescribed meds, you let your doc know you are taking an MAOI, then it's not an issue.

    MAOI's have often been used for people who are treatment resistant, and I think it's a shame that there are some Psychiatrists who won't even prescribe them if they have a patient who won't respond to anything else.

    At any rate, I would definitely talk with your doctor about them, and if, as you say, are as severely depressed as you are, I would even seek a 2nd opinion if your Psych refuses to try an MAOI (most common are Nardil and Parnate) It's your life, and if it were me and I found out that a certain class of meds could possibly help me, I would be knocking down doors to get it! There's no guarantee that an MAOI will help you, but you won't know until you try, and at this point, it certainly can't hurt anything!

    Having said that, I am really sorry that you are as depressed as you are! I can say from experience that there IS hope and that you don't have to go on the rest of your life living with the level of depression you are experiencing! If you are not getting any results from the Psych you are seeing, go to someone else who may have other ideas and/or who may be willing to and comfortable having you try an MAOI!

    Please do not give up! Try to push aside the thoughts you have each day about suicide! It's amazing what our thoughts can do and how they can affect our emotions. I understand the thoughts probably just come up without effort, but you can "change the subject" after they come up! You don't have to continue the thoughts.

    Seek for help until you find it!

    Hang in there
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    RE: Will it ever end?

    I feel that way also. I have had depression for 30 years. I have tried so many medications. I feel better for a while and then boom I’m back down to the pit again. I also feel if it wasn’t for family I wouldn’t be here. How does one continue to cope with this. I feel like I am sitting watching the world go by.
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        I've never had good coping mechanisms, but the one thing that has worked for me occasionally is exercise, like swimming or running or boxing. It feels really good to punch things sometimes. Hang in there, I'm sure people say this all the time but I absolutely get how you're feeling and I hope you have a good day soon