• 18 days ago

    failure of medication

    Three years ago, my mental health provider tried me on Invega sustentda to control schizo affective disorder. It did not work out and I continually lost control of my thoughts before the time the next shot was due. A total breakdown in my therapy lead me into legal and financial troubles. Finally the courts stepped in and assisted me to get better. Now I take Zyprexa and some Risperdal along with neurotin to control my disorder. I am really discouraged that my doctors could not figure things out earlier and take me off the shots.


  • 16 days ago

    RE: failure of medication

    Hi Markrode100,

    I'm glad you and your doctor have found a combo of meds that work for you!

    I think one thing we all need to remind ourselves of is that doctors aren't perfect. Because every medication works differently for everyone, there's no possible way that your docs could have foreseen the kind of reaction you had. Sometimes there's an initial reaction and the docs don't want us to go off them because it's common to feel bad at first but given some time, our bodies adjust. They may have been thinking that with you and that med.

    I have been given meds that had bad reactions. Some were bad right away that my doc took me off immediately, but others were bad for months, but she was hoping it would get better. In some ways, meds really are a hit and miss even with trained Psychiatrists. They know how they work and what might go with the other and base what is given on a patients symptoms, but even they know that doesn't guarantee success.

    So I would try to just let it go and be happy that now you are on meds that work for you, eh? No sense in becoming bitter of something you have no control over and that is now resolved. Sure, it would have been nice had they stopped that med sooner, but what you also need to know is that you could have talked with your doc and said how bad things were and that you wanted to go off (if you didn't) We have more power and say so with our docs than we realize - not to be disrespectful, but to work as a team with our docs and communicate exactly how things are going with our meds so that the doc can be of more help.

    I hope this combo continues to work for you!