• 16 days ago

    Overwhelmed by daily task

    Hi all, I’ve been struggling with depression for a year. I’ve tried to make life more manageable by making necessary changes - for example, I was studying and working, but am now just studying, which lessens the pressure. But my fatigue is extreme, and motivation so low, that there are days where I wake up teary and overwhelmed for no reason. I have people in my life who want to support me, but I just don’t know what to ask them for. I try to exercise, but I’m so tired. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for coping? Perhaps littles things that helped when they were struggling most?


  • 11 days ago

    RE: Overwhelmed by daily task

    I would first go see your primary doctor to see if there's anything physical going on that would have these symptoms. If there's not, then I would seek out the help of a therapist. They are trained to help people who have the same struggles you are experiencing.

    Maybe seeing a Psychiatrist to see if there is a diagnosis or if your depression is situational. Depending on what he/she learns, you might be prescribed an anti-depressant (either temporarily or permanent), but even if you are put on meds, therapy is where you will get the most help because meds alone can't make the kinds of changes you need or teach you the tools to help you cope better.

    Take care of you because you're the only one who can!