• 23 days ago

    Don’t know where to turn

    Hi. I have been suffering most of my life with Depression and Anxiety but recently its gotten worse. I was turning to friends for support but they felt along with my husband that I would be better off hospitalized. I am not suicidal I just feel like I am suffocating and alone. I don’t feel like I have anyone to talk to. I do not want to be hospitalized again because that was the worst experience of my life I just want to be able to trust someone enough to open up again. Has anyone else been hospitalized by people you thought you could talk to and then after feels big like you can’t trust anyone? I don’t know maybe this is rediculous.


  • 22 days ago

    RE: Don’t know where to turn

    I experience that same suffocating feeling. Its crazy how an emotion can have such a physical presence. I know how hard it is to trust people with your emotions there is always a fear that what you say will be misunderstood. Just know you arent alone ❤️