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    Born August 23rd, 1976. Wonderful childhood. Great siblings. Who are both physicians. I was oN my way being doctor #3 in our competitive/positive sibling bond. Was finishing up my 2nd year of med school. Was about done with pharmacology final when my phone started vibrating on my hip; also, i noticed my clinical medicine-2 professor (Dr Waterer ) looking in the classroom door glass accompanied by my older sister who was an ER resident. U soon found out my 2yr Old daughter was just killed in a wreck. That was in 2007. Ive been a severe schizophrenic ever since. Never the same. Never finished school. Constant nightmare still today. Decided to join this board because things are really bad with my head. Worst ever. Feel dangerous. There's a quiet rage building in me. And I'm scared of myself. Dont know what to do. Meds are useless. Feel like I'm turning into a monster and cant stop it. Pray for me please


  • 8 days ago

    RE: Schizophrenia

    I feel sad for you sir, and I will definitely pray for you since I believe that is the best thing I can do for you, although let me tell you that since you have an actual disease, you should keep on seeking for medical advise, God has provided physicians with wisdom to be able to treat these issues.
  • 5 days ago

    RE: Schizophrenia

    Please try talking to a psychiatrist or someone who understands, you know yourself better than anyone else, you know you child wouldn't want you to be like this, you might have lost your daughter but she's definitely in a better place, also remember that god says when a parent loses their child or vice versa, they will be reunited in heaven...please don't be too hard on yourself and move on, move on by starting to love yourself and looking for stuff to distract you or help you put your anger out like boxing or anything really, always remember that your worst enemy is you only and you can change that anytime, again don't lose hope and do it, succeed for your daughter, try again and reach a point where you go like " I did it." You are loved, you are wanted. My condolences for your daughter and my prayers for a better and stronger you <3