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    Severe anxiety

    Hi everyone this is my first post so I hope this is the right community. But I have been experiencing a lot of panic attacks and severe depression and anxiety. I've always had anxiety (OCD) and I panicked every now and then but not as much as now. It all started when I ate thc edible that was 900 mg. I ate little bit day before so it must be less than that but it didn't work so next day when I was at school I ate whole thing. Everything was fine until it kicked in when it did I wasn't panicking until I went to gym class where my anxiety started kicking in, everything was going slow motion kids in front of me were moving really fast and then slow and then things would pause and reverse like a movie. This made my panicking worse I wasn't panicking to the point where I thought I'm gonna die but I panicked a bit. I then went to nurse office when things got out of control and my BP was high and pulse was fast. Long story short next day my anxiety was gone however my vision was very foggy and bright and also I had brain fog. This happened for few days but when I started going to gym class I noticed I would start panicking and everything would start going in slow motion like it was when I was high. I had to tell nurse and go home like every other day it would go away whenever I came back home though. But after a few times i started getting this dream like feeling like everything started seeming fake to me like my surroundings seemed fake I started forgetting things became depressed and even my eating habits changed I was less hungry. So i went to the doctor and let him know i was then prescribed zoloft my anxiety is a bit less as far as panic attacks go there usually worse in morning. But i still feel like my mind is somewhere else while my body is still here it's like I'm stuck in my mind when I go outside people around me seem fake like I'm trapped in a bubble everything seems fake even my body and thoughts. I am really worried and have visited the doctor many times and the answer he always gives me is its anxiety. If someone can please give me some advice on this that would be great because I feel like I'm going mental or something. And I really regret eating that edible now


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    RE: Severe anxiety

    I would see a Psychiatrist
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    RE: Severe anxiety

    Did you let your doctors on the fact that you overdosed on thc edible? It seems as if something went terribly wrong, maybe a chemical reaction in your brain or something. Have you tried x-raying your brain? A psychiatrist will definitely help if your anxiety and panic attacks are not related to the thc edible otherwise it's worth considering to do a research with your doctors about the side effects of overdosing on thc edible and trying to relate it with your symptoms, don't worry about the slow, fast effect thing it's definitely your brain messing with you, everything is real so don't worry and try to convince yourself otherwise. Anyways I think something is wrong with your brain and it needs immediate medical attention before it might get worse, my prayers for a better you.