• 6 months ago

    Everyday life for me

    I suffer from depression, panic/anxiety attacks and I am domestic violence survivor. My depression started back when I was in high school about 16 years old. It started around the time all the bullying by people at school started. It was getting harder for me to cope and make decisions. I was isolating myself from others, sitting in my room when i got home from school and also my grades were slipping cause I was slowly giving up. By the time I started failing all my classes my parents finally noticed something was wrong and took me to a counselor. My parents after sitting in on one session basically got what I call a smack in the face with all the stuff that I told the counselor and would never open up to them about. They didnt know about the bullying at school. I am still to this day suffering from depression but now I am suffering from severe Anxiety and Panic Attacks. My self harm started back when I was 20 and living with my older sister. Her husband always yelled at me when I would get depressed so I turned to cutting myself to relieve some of the tension. The panic and anxiety started after I got out of my abusive relationship and make life difficult for me. I still to this day keep to myself and have absolutely no friends I cant even go out with my family without having a panic attack at a restaurant or even a store.