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    Inquiring about support forums

    So I’m reaching out because I am looking to find an online support group of sorts for depression and weight loss I have been active on Al-Anon family group websites and found that to be very helpful and I’m trying to find something similar for weight loss and depression I myself am a mental health clinician so I’ve tried really hard to help myself but I guess it’s not working I am in therapy been there for years been on and off anti depressants have been divorced recently now for about two years so life started over ....prior to the divorce I had been married 18 years many of those years trying and difficult... I now find myself at least 30 pounds overweight and quite depressed. I go through the motions to try to pretend ...I work really hard when I’m at work because it’s probably the only place I feel successful Yep my work is extremely stressful in the Emily clinician in an emergency room three overnights a week and... I smile and try to get through on the other days I have a wonderful daughter I have a good life and have a good family but there’s a whole lot of emptiness inside and the weight gain is not helping that and I’m looking for a place to connect with some people just to maybe start getting me out of the place that I’m in Thank you


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    RE: Inquiring about support forums

    Hi Stephanie1971

    Here is a comprehensive support group - https://psychcentral.com/disorders/

    Go to the above link and then scroll down a bit and it will give you a list of disorders - with each one, there is a support group forum you can be a part of. I think this place has every kind of support group you are looking for!

    I hope this helps!

    Best wishes to you and things will get better! Keep working at it!

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    RE: Inquiring about support forums

    The Mighty- great site for support
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    RE: Inquiring about support forums

    Hello Stephanie,
    I am in a similar position as you in terms of trying to find a support group or " support person" to talk to regarding trying to lose weight while coping with depression. Unfortunately, I have other complications that make it even more difficult (insomnia, chronic pain, etc.), however I believe they are all inter-related and I don't really talk about just one, but as a whole, how I'm affected.

    I see that someone suggested the psychcentral support group, so maybe you want to try that. For me, personally, I have not found that online support groups meet my needs. I get too confused about who said what, when, etc.

    If you would like to talk via this message board (at least to start out with), reply to this message.
    Regardless, I hope that you find the support you are looking for. I continue to look myself and have even thought about starting my own group (in my area).
    Take care.