• 16 days ago

    My girlfriend has depression and anxiety

    As the title suggests, my girlfriend suffers from anxiety & depression. We've only been dating for 4 months, so I only found out recently that she deals with this. She's told me before that she gets anxious, but starting last month she was acting very distant and then she finally told me that she was feeling more anxious than normal and that she was depressed. She said this is something that she goes through every now and again. She feels anti-social and the only way she knows how to deal with it is to isolate herself from everyone. She reassured me that this has nothing to do with me or our relationship and to not take it personally. I immediately responded by saying that I understand & accept the fact that she is going through something and that she needed her space. Over the past month I've been reading any article online I can find on depression, anxiety, dating someone with depression, etc. I don't suffer from this myself so I've been doing everything I can to educate myself and try to get some idea of what she's going through. I thought asking for advice on here from people who go through depression and are in a relationship could be very helpful and give me some peace of mind. I've seen her once for a few hours since the beginning of the year, whereas the first 3 months we dated we saw each other at least once a week and more if our schedules aligned. It's frustrating and then I feel selfish for feeling that way because I know that she's not doing this on purpose. I send her messages to have a good day at work or in general. She takes her time but she usually responds and says thank you so much. I ask her how she's doing. Sometimes she doesn't respond and I can never tell if I should keep texting her or leave her be. Maybe even of she doesn't respond, she still enjoys reading messages from me? I would like to know any and all ways that I can on how to support her and be there for her. Also if there's anything in particular I should be saying to her for support. Or things I should stop saying/doing or not say at all. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I thank anyone in advance who took the time to read this and give advice.


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    RE: My girlfriend has depression and anxiety

    I believe that support, comprehension, patience and love, as I believe you have been doing, is what she needs the most. Professional help is obviously needed for her, but your role is to help her with your own tools as I mentioned before. Hope this helps.