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    I am a 18 year old kid from some part of the world going through depression that makes me want to kill myself. Been fighting it for over a year and things are not working well for me. I have severe anxiety and depression. I have been going to a therapist and taking medication prescribed but every time when things start getting better there is a knife that goes through my back in my mind and makes me want to do something to myself even more.


  • RE: Depression

    Hello Anonymous,

    Im not going to make this about me, however, I understand how you might be feeling, or at least have an idea and this makes me sad because even though I dont know you, I know or at least have an idea of how horrible it can be. When i was 18 I felt the most depressed I've ever been. Im 21 now and even though i still have some depression/anxiety, I feel much more confident and happy with myself (after telling my doctor and being put on an SSRI) and this is the way I wish it can go for you too!!! If you feel like your medication is making your feelings worse then you need to tell this to your doctor, as they can do the complete opposite to you and increase your anxiety/depression.