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    RE: Plz help

    Hi, I am sorry that you are struggling so much, but I can see that you want to quit drinking, but can't do it on your own. It's too much to try to do by yourself. You also have an autistic son, which can be a difficult thing by itself.

    I would suggest that you check yourself into rehab. I know you have to find someone to take care of your son first, but if no one in your family or friends can, then there is always respite care.

    If you want to recover for this addiction, you are going to need to get into a program to detox and then in therapy to address why you drink in the first place and other emotional/mental issues that need to be worked on in therapy. There are therapists out there who will see you at low cost and also if you check with your local Medicaid office, they can help you to find free therapy. At any rate, you need to get help and no one on line can help you to stop drinking. You need to get that locally, in person, with a professional.

    I hope that you will do what you need to find the right kind of help. You can do it! Do it for you and do it for your family!

    Take care
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    RE: Plz help


    I sympathize with your drinking problem, as I can very much relate to a certain extent.

    First of all, it is a great, big and very positive thing that you are aware of and totally can admit that you have a drinking problem. You can't start on the path to recovery if you aren't willing to admit you have a problem...good for you, great accomplishment in the right direction.

    The following questions helped me a lot towards getting a better grip on getting to the core of the issue so I could begin to get help:

    Can you at all identify within yourself the cause or trigger point of when and why you start drinking? (for me it's wine every day, around 6pm, with no limit or keeping track of how much I have consumed) Are you trying to fill a void that you are aware of? (mine is loneliness, lack of support and no time for myself, I have a 4 year old and a very distant partner) Are you experiencing any king of emotions/memories or stress that you are trying to numb? At what point during the day/evening do you start drinking? Is it at the same time each day and is it every day?

    I have thought about attending AA meetings, but feel like I'd like to give therapy a try first. I used to see a therapist once a week and it made a big difference. I stopped seeing her for a month and felt I no longer needed therapy, so I stopped completely...big mistake.

    So I urge you to seek out a therapist and stay committed to continue the therapy. It might not be easy finding someone you like right away, it's kind of like trying to find a friend you are comfortable being honest with, but keep in mind that everything you talk about is completely confidential and the therapist is there to help you, not judge be totally honest with him/her about everything. I know it's annoying and time consuming to find the right therapist, but you might get lucky and find someone right away. I found my therapist on round 2, after having met with one person prior :-)

    Again, I want you to begin being very proud of yourself because you are aware you have a problem and you really want help...a tremendously huge step in starting on the road to getting better.

    Tell your family that you know you have a problem and really want their support in trying to get help, I am sure you will have all the support possible from each of them. For now, stay away from friends that enable your drinking...the ones that like to hang at bars or like to go out to eat while having many drinks. Surround yourself with positive people that care about you and are willing to help/support you in this.

    Keep fighting the good fight, you know you can do this!
    Keep us posted on here how you are doing, please.
    Good luck :-)
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    RE: Plz help

    Have you tried to contact Alcoholics Anonymous? If you call, a woman will talk to you on the phone or meet you for coffee and tell you how she stopped drinking.