• 21 days ago

    RE: Feel like nervous breakdown

    Hi Sandy567

    You are never too bad to get better! It's hard sometimes finding the right med or combo of meds, but it is possible!

    I have never tried cymbalta, but maybe it will work for you! From my experience with medications, some key things that will help you and your doctor is that first and foremost, you let him/her know exactly how you are feeling on the med, physically and emotionally/mentally - i.e. is the med working or not and are the side effects unbearable. If you don't communicate with your doctor about this, then there's no way he/she can help you.

    Another thing is that unless you are having a severe reaction to a new med, it can take up to 6-8 weeks before you really start to see it working (or not) so you don't want to give up after 3 weeks or so - you have bear with it and give it time to work.

    Another thing that is crucial when it comes to treatment is therapy! If you are not already seeing a therapist, I would strongly advise you to find one who can work with you in your areas of need! If you can find a therapist that you like, can connect with and feel that you will be able to trust, and you are ready and willing to do the work it takes, and the therapist is good at what he/she does, then that's the perfect combination for healing and learning new coping skills and learning new thinking skills that will help you to become more healthy and live a life that you want to!

    Meds without therapy can only get you so far - meds can't do what therapy can!

    But as I started with - you CAN get better! There is nothing about you that says you are not worthy of a life that is not plagued with the things that are holding you back right now! You do have to participate in your own healing - i.e. do the work, take your meds, etc. so there's nothing to say this is easy - but you CAN do it!

    There IS hope!
      • 21 days ago
        Thank you so much for your time and kind words.
        I just lost my health insurance so can't afford therapy right now. My medicine is expensive enough.
        Tried talking to family and I feel like I am just a burden bringing everyone down.
        Will try to stay positive and stick with this change.
        Thanks again.
      • 21 days ago
        I'm sorry you lost your health insurance - you could apply at Medicaid

        Also re your meds, you would qualify for free or very reduced meds.
        I would go to the following site. You can call them and they could tell you over the phone if you qualify

        There's just a few. You could also call the manufacturer of each of your meds and more than likely, they have a program for those who need meds at little to no cost.

        At least that would help with the cost of your meds. It can't hurt to try, eh?

        I had to do this several years ago and even though I actually had Medicaid at the time, I had to reach such a ridiculous spend down that there was NO way I could. So I got a 3-month supply of meds every 3 months for 3 years, when I no longer needed it! So even if you think you don't qualify, call anyway. You could be surprised!

        Take care! Check with Medicaid too!