• I know my problem. I just need help coping with it.

    Initial presentation: When I was approximately 18, I worked at a gym while I was going through EMT school. I was ingesting a large amount of caffeine and energy supplements. I started having symptoms, including but not limited to, supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). I was put on Cymbalta and told to limit my caffeine intake. I was also diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder with uncued panic attacks, hence the Cymbalta.

    Fast forward a few years: Due to monetary reasons, I had to try other medications instead of Cymbalta. I tried Zoloft, but it made me homicidal and suicidal. I tried Effexor, but it gave me this "electrical tingling" feeling all over. I was placed back on Cymbalta at 90 mg which gave me the same feeling as the Effexor. As a result, my dose was lowered to 60 mg.

    Fast forward to now: I'm now 28 and I work as a paramedic. Within the past few months, I have been having episodes of panic with physical symptoms, such as: tremors, vision changes, shortness of breath, intense fear, etc. I still take Cymbalta 60 mg. I've also been prescribed Hydroxyzine 50 mg PRN and Valium 2 mg PRN.

    I know it's the anxiety and panic. I've had multiple tests ran that show no physical issues, but part of my fear is almost hypochondria.
    I do have other co-morbidities such as hypertension, GERD, and hypothyroidism.

    What do I do? The attacks are becoming more frequent and more physically exhausting. I do have a stressful line of work, so I'm sure that doesn't help any. I've been doing EMS for approximately 11 years, so it's not like I can just up and leave.

    I don't want more medications. What are some therapies or remedies that you have seen work?