• 6 months ago

    Bipolar 1, Anxiety, and going thru Perimenopause Questions?...

    Hi, I have some questions on the above. A few weeks ago at around 4 am or so I woke up in an extreme overwhelming anxiety and like a double dose of depression came over me. I had called the VA nurse and she called local authorities due to concern. I'm 52 almost 53 and my periods have been on and off. Cramping sometimes but that night my mind was really forgetful. It was really scary. I went to the ER in my home town and they took my vitals etc. I just wasn't myself. A week in a half or so later I had a period on an abnormal day that I would never had started. I had a uti not major. Today I am having soreness in my lymph nodes below my ears. I don't feel sick just am resting. Can all this be linked to bipolar disorder and my hormones out of whack? I talk to women who say they go thru perimenopause with no symptoms. Must be awesome because over the few years my body is my worst enemy it seems. I try to Google information on the above, and I really don't find too much. Thank you for your time and consideration. I have great doctors I just hate all this I'm battling and I know it could be worse just do not understand what my body, and my brain are so out of balance. Hormones unbalanced is no joke seriously. Its awful.