• 6 months ago

    I’m Finally Happy

    Hello I’m Zoe I’m been struggling with bipolar depression schizophrenia for years and I’m taking like 3 medications Lexpro 20 Wellbutrin 300 Latuada 40 for 5 months everything is finally coming together thank I can have a job enjoy playing with my daughters and taking on everyday life I encourage anyone that’s reading this to pray and take your meds everyday it really makes a big difference don’t give up it takes time on everything you do DONT GIVE UP ! If I can happy anybody can I’m 31 years old and I finally found happiness


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    Thank you !!!
  • 4 months ago

    RE: I’m Finally Happy

    How many different meds did you try before one combination worked for you? I feel like I have been on so many. Is talk therapy a part of your treatment. I have been up and down with this since I was 19. Now I just spend most days in bed. I have decided to try again but am afraid that every med will be denied by my insurance as it has been in the past. Why do insurance companies decide my fate?