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    Schizophrenia & extremely bad Narcissism/Sociopathic behaviors

    The man I've been with for 3 years has Schitzophrenia with several delusional disorders as well as intense paranoia. He only took the smallest dose of Risperidone & 1/2 mg of Klonapin. He went cold turkey off his Klonapin a year or two ago & went manic for a few months. Last May (2016) he suddenly stopped taking his Risperidone without telling me & became an even worse Narcissist than he was before. He completely changed who I thought he was & actually became Sociopathic. The abuse was a nightmare & we broke up but he got worse with how he secretly was relentlessly Psychologically Emotionally abusing me severely. In January he simmered down a bit but denies being Schizophrenic now. Is this a common occurrence for those who have Schitzophrenia?? He hears his own voice in his head audibly, & believes it's God talking to him. He calls them "messages" & has been getting them for about two years. And it's clearly not God because of how ridiculous the messages are & many other reasons. If someone else could please help me with the whole Narcissistic traits of the many & if that's common with Someone who has Schitzophrenia.


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    RE: Schizophrenia & extremely bad Narcissism/Sociopathic behaviors

    Run, do not walk, away from this man. A narcissist made my life hell for going on two years and it took the fight of my life to finally break away. They truly do not change...and over time, it will continue to worsen. They will not stop until YOU are just as fouled up as they are. You, now, need intense therapy to undo all of the brainwashing he's done....But I'm glad to see that you are still in reality as you know that the "messages" he's receiving are NOT from God, but from his own narcissistic mind. You DO have resources and ways to separate from him....they try to isolate you and make you believe that they are all you have. NOT TRUE....you CAN leave if you WANT to. You just have to want to. This decision doesn't happen over night. It took me MONTHS to get fully get out from the moment I made the decision to when I finally got the guts to leave. It wasn't until I went to see a therapist until I realize how truly abusive the narcissist's behavior TRULY is. You ARE being abused. Please get out <3 It'll be in some ways harder than you know, and you might give in to him a few more times, and you will feel almost as though you have PTSD, you will only go back to him just to almost pretend this was all a bad dream, but once you finally break free from his emotional chains on you, IT WILL BE THE BEST DECISION YOU EVER MADE.
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        I was abused from my brother for long time I was working with him and I left USA because of his dangerous and night mare ,fear and anxiety he was tab my phone and my car and so many things I find out he have NPD and ASPD in another hand I got nerves problem and IBS and BP,I got skin problem too the way you said I left him but the way he did to me I am getting sick and I want to make a legal action may I can fell better before I die,he always looking for new victim please help me what is the best action I can do