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    I would like some advice on the next steps I should take

    I have been being bullied and harassed at my place of employment. Since returning back from a leave. They first gave me a negative end year evaluation. And it has been one thing after another. I reported to HR and after they ruled in my favor. My manager yelled and talked over me in a meeting. She also stated that she is the boss. After I told her that her behavior is unprofessional and rude. She gives me dirty looks and talks to me with a attitude. And I started feeling uneasy and nervous when going to work. I was due back to work. And things seemed to escalate stop sending emails . And when I filed discrimination for certain people. The retaliation tactics started. I informed them of my uneasiness. And HR lady said that she has no comment or suggestions for that. Chest tightness, migraine & right arm trembles. And a few days ago I was rushed to hospital because my chest felt funny and was palpitating, neck pain, could not sleep, dizzy, sweating and I had migraine.
    The ER took good care of me, but it was a terrifying experience. I returned to work the following day after all tests etc was conducted. I am currently taking Xanax which calms me as long as I take it as prescribed. But I still am fearful and that I am going to die if my heart keeps pounding, tight and uneasy. I rather stay home because I feel a catastrophic will occur to me. made an appointment with my Primary. But I am wondering should I also go talk to a psychiatrist


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    RE: I would like some advice on the next steps I should take

    Hi there. Workplace bullying is a very real thing and you are not alone. I highly suggest reading this article about the "workplace bully" and what can be done here: http://wb.md/2oYGkhX . The article says, "People who are bullied have stress that can leave them unable to concentrate, putting their jobs at risk," and the "The psychological distress is linked to depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Research shows that bullied workers can also have sleep disturbances."

    The article also says that people bullied at the office can benefit from counseling or group therapy. I hope that you will come back and update us on how you're doing soon :) Always remember, we're here for you, even if it's just to listen ((hugs)).
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    RE: I would like some advice on the next steps I should take

    Your situation sounds like a hostile work enviroment. It sounds like your manager is only treating you with disrespect. Do you have an Employee assitance program? Best to begin documenting the day and time these situations occur. Are you losing sleep, are you becoming anxious. Best to speak with your general doctor and ask if they can recommend a pscyhologists to assist you with assertion. Also, a lawyer will offer usually a free counseltation. Before doing these outside steps can you have another director or manager meet with you and the HR person to discuss your concerns in conversation.
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    RE: I would like some advice on the next steps I should take

    Sounds to me like you are not following your office protocols. Try to get what you want by total disregard of your coworkers. Have had the displeasure of working with people like you. One tried to sue, got fired and laughed out of court. Remember these people will testify against you.
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        This is a negative reply and not helpful!
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        I have to agree with you. She probably does not pull her fair share of work either. Calling your boss names in a meeting what are you 2? Sorry that is life if you cannot cope get professional help and quit putting the blame for your short comings on others be an adult and accept responsibility for yourself
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    RE: I would like some advice on the next steps I should take

    You should quit your job, HR obviously doesn't have your back and the reality of it is this.......they want you out, so do yourself a favor and just find another job. Nothing worth risking your health and happiness. It isn't fair and you should have a better support system with management, but truthfully I work for the government and I see it everyday and nothing is done about it, not sure if its our society or pure laziness. They talk about work bullies etc....the truth of the matter is its hard to prove and they turn it around and make you feel like your crazy anyway. Good luck