• over 1 year ago

    Feeling lonely

    I'm struggling to know if there might be something mentally wrong with me or if I'm just not dealing with normal life well. I hate the idea of labeling myself with some disorder. I'm not looking for excuses for my short comings.

    I can't seem to get a grip on my life. I have twin boys and a husband. I struggle to keep up with normal life things. Cloths cooking engaging with me kids. I want to do better but I can't find the energy. Mayne not energy just the motivation. I feel disconnected. I cant seem to find out in things. I spend hours hating myself for not being on top of things but still cant push myself to just get it done. I feel like I'm screaming to myself all the time but I can't make myself focus on any task to long. I feel tired like a need some big break when I haven't really done much at all. I feel judge within my home over the small things I do enjoy. Such as books and tv shows. I just feel lonely without ever really being left alone. Some nights I can feel the stress getting to me. I can't breath and feel trapped under some weight. I just want to be a better mom and wife.