• 8 months ago

    Ready to lose my mind

    I have a Temporary Restraining Order on my boyfriend but because
    his name is first on the lease even though he pays no rent and has no
    job the landlords are becoming annoying.They said get the TRO and they can remove his name and I did then they changed their story.It was if he goes you guys go. I dont want to live with him and got county housing voucher but they wont change the lease they say I got to let him live with me or get kicked out.I am stressed and dont know what to do.


  • RE: Ready to lose my mind

    Unfortunately sounds like you're getting some bad advice. You shouldn't need a temporary restraining order to change a lease. I hired an attorney to get a temporary restraining order for my ex who was doing some real nutso things due to substance abuse. The lawyers at https://toplayer.law took care of it. But it was expensive and hard to convince the judge to issue it. And temporary restraining orders are mutual which means you can violate it too. My recommendation is to ask an attorney to checkout the lease and advise you. If you can't afford that, there are free legal clinics in most cities that can help.