• 2 months ago

    How can I get an emergency 1 time benzo refill- please help!

    So I take three klonopin a day for ptsd, bipolar, and a severe anxiety disorder. Recently I discovered I was pregnant but decided not to carry through with the pregnancy because my bf left when he found out. I was experiencing pregnancy symptoms, even after the procedure, such as nausea, which caused me to throw up some of my medication after taking it- and then I had to take another dose to make up for what I threw up, causing me to run out of my medication early. I am not completely out but I do not have enough medication to take until my next doctors appointment. I am having terrible anxiety, panic attacks, shaking, can barely drive my car or leave my house, and cannot sleep. I would rather not explain the situation (because it involves my decision not to continue with my pregnancy) to my doctor because he is an older male and that just makes me feel uncomfortable. They also have a strict policy on "no early refills" and I don't know if they will excuse that given the situation. I also do not want to be labeled as someone who is abusing their medication, because the nausea symptoms are the only reason I was taking extra does. I am starting a new job next week and freaking out because I am having a hard time functioning without the proper medication. Is there any way to get an emergency, one time prescription to last me a week until I am able to see my doctor? I am no longer throwing up and will be able to take my medication properly now- but I am struggling and very miserable.