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    Hey, ynah95-
    Well, gosh... When you self-harm, it's an indication that SOMETHING is wrong, but it doesn't tell us exactly what it is. It's expressing some kind of psychological pain, and it is absolutely a symptom that should send you to a mental health professional so that you can understand what it is expressing. Sometimes, for instance people have difficulty putting their emotions into words and therefore express their feelings in actions such as self-harm behaviors. Some will talk about getting a sense of relief from the self-harm that they can't get in any other ways. If you can find a competent mental health professional who has been trained in the treatment of self-harm behaviors, then you have a chance to get to the bottom of what's going on. Don't worry about whether you are "mentally ill," because that's a pretty extreme term. Just start talking to a professional who knows what they're doing.
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    I too feel like or felt like something was/is wrong with me. Society's always willing to "help" in that area. Being quite blunt, fear & $ sure plays a huge part in that area. It's best to find a good friend who's willing to help you without criticizing you or what your trying to express. I found my biggest fight regarding this area of concern was female hormones that aren't working as they should. That, plus living in such a stressful life or manner. I'm on one strong medication that also has nasty side affects which sure makes "suicide" a constant, negative idea. That's just what I don't want or need in the long run. Life is too short & too precious for playing that "coward's game". I finally turned to the Bible. There I found what seems to be a working answer to my situation called epilepsy. Now a days, that idea is completely crazy as it's almost free, costing hardly no $ & relying on the One Source for the needed help that I can't find any where else. I've changed my eating habits too. That was a key factor for me. If God didn't make it, I'm not eating it, to put it bluntly. I'm not here for society. I'm here 'cause He loves who He made. That includes you as well. Sure wish I could chat with you. Everybody needs a real friend. I'm not trying to "preach" to anyone nor to you. I'm saying there's answer for you. It's a matter of finding it & someone you know or feel you can trust. That's the hard part. Not everyone wearing the Dr.'s tag is truly a physician that can be trusted with what's important to you. That's a fact I had to learn the hard way. Please put your trust in someone who is worthy of it. The best things in life are either free or at a very low cost. Society won't tell you that. I learned that on my own as others have too. Please take care. Remember that situations in life that are or seem tough will pass if you refuse to give in to them. Most people fall for those hard situations & end up paying for that failure in many, private, expensive, & too often dangerous ways. I found my answer to the ? I had or have concerning "epilepsy" in the NT of the Bible. Society sure doesn't like what I found as what society's doing isn't agreeing with what I've found & found it works for me. Please find someone, a real friend to talk to & get the help you deserve. I'm not giving up on my best Friend. I sure hope you won't either. Crazy? Not really. Not for so many that do trust Him. We live in a crazy world that expects each of us to conform to ways that are flat wrong & from very narrow minds that only work when the $ sign is involved. That's truly crazy in my opinion. Please hang in there. You're not alone!!! U R loved!!