• 2 months ago

    Strange panic attacks?

    Treated for unipolar depression/anxiety since 1999 with mainly Prozac and Benzo's PRN, until 2015 first pure hypomanic episode (in retrospect always BP, just mixed episodes), put on Lamictal and Prozac, eventually dropped Prozac. Lamictal wasn't really cutting it, but didn't want to go on lithium partly because of side effects and I kept wanting to self medicate with alcohol (surprise) and thought lithium might curtail that. Anyway, I waited to long, in July started having strong suicidal thoughts to the point I was making plans- and matter of factly started sharing these plans with my two kids which made perfect sense to me at the time, then I started ultra rapidly cycling, moods changing within hours, and the depression got super intense, I had to admit myself. So stayed 5 days inpatient, got off booze, on lithium 900mg ,neurontin, and stayed on lamictal 200. I felt ok, no longer suicidal or rapid cycling. But developed some very strange anxiety symptoms. I had difficulty going down (not up) stairs, had to hold on tight, and if I bumped my foot mini panic. Also would get squishy legs walking down the hall, felt like couldn't walk. I've gotten it before when I was having panic attack level anxiety. But this time I wasn't feeling super anxious, but some. So I tried .5 Xanax and cured it! But the strangest is I've been riding a bike for many years- I'm 54- and I was riding along first time back on a bike and blacked out a few seconds and legs started shaking uncontrollably and hit the ground. Well that ended that ride, started walking home, felt better, decided to ride slowly home on the sidewalk, but soon as I got on the bike shook like hell and fell. Next couple weekends tried riding again on sidewalk and found that anytime I got a little adrenalin going like a tight turn, it would trigger it, I could recognize it and put my legs down. The third week I tried it just tryning to get on the bike I shook. I decided I wouldn't ride, but would try to just sit on it. I did this in the garage and immediately blacked out a few secs, shook uncontrollably and fell, smashing my side into the side of the garage bruising a rib. That was a month ago- takes that long to heal. I've been worked up by a neurologist, not seizures, cardiologist next, but I'm pretty sure it's an anxiety manifestation. But why does it have to be a bike- one of my favorite things to do! Anyone can relate to similar symptoms?