• 5 months ago

    RE: Denial of bi polar

    That's not something you can convince anyone; the person has to be ready and willing to have an honest look at themselves and come to the realization within themselves.

    Do you KNOW this person has bipolar, as in, was he/she officially diagnosed with it? If so, why does he or she deny the diagnosis? I mean, does the person tell you why?

    Some people are afraid to accept mental health diagnosis because how they were raised, or false beliefs about mental illness that they heard or read somewhere - and so there are messages attached to those beliefs such as, "if I have a mental illness, I'm crazy" or "if I have a mental illness, no one will like me" and the list goes on. So to remove those messages, they have to examine the belief(s) to see if they are the truth or not.

    Sometimes people have to hit "rock bottom" before accepting they have a problem, and that turns out to be the best thing for them.

    So if this person does indeed have bipolar, then it will become or continue to be manifest in his/her life and behavior, and if left untreated and undealt with, there will likely come a time when mania or severe depression will be what eventually convinces the person. But sometimes even that won't. It's up to the individual.