• 2 months ago

    56 and pain associated with depression

    Hello, I am 56 and about 5 month ago I woke up and had no neck strength. My Dr has done blood work, x-ray, neck, and spine MRI's and they see nothing but one disc with degenerative symptoms. STILL, I have a sore neck that wants to let my head rest on my chest rather than carry my head as it should. This is causing shoulder and spine soreness due to the lack of strength in my neck. My speech is off a little because it seems to be bothered by the neck strain. The best my Dr can come up with is that it's depression related and she put me on muscle relaxers and Zoloft for the depression. Can you take anything I've said and possibly lead me in the right direction or tell me what you think?


  • 2 months ago

    RE: 56 and pain associated with depression

    Hi Mustangmark55,

    I did a quick look online and saw something that could potentially be the problem, but please don't take my word for it because I'm not a doctor! It was the first thing I read and looked familiar with what you talked about. Maybe you could present this to your doctor?

    Have a look at this site: https://eorthopod.com/dropped-head-syndrome/

    Your doctor may want to refer you to a Neurologist if you haven't already seen one.

    I hope that you and your doctor will be able to find the answers you need!