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    RE: I don't know what else to do...

    Speak up with your own family! It is better that way rather then destroying other family.
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    RE: I don't know what else to do...

    Hi there! Have you ever tried seeking help from the kind of doctor and therapist who are trained to treat what you are going through?

    I can't say if you need medications or not because I'm not a trained doctor, but I can say that with or without medication, therapy can be a powerful tool that will help you to climb out of the life you are currently in build a new life - one that does not include being controlled by a life of depression and the effects therein!

    As you know, drinking is not going to help - it will only numb you and make things worse! If you want a better life for yourself and your children, then please seek professional help! The stuff you are going through is not easy to try to figure out on your own, which is where a therapist comes in. Not all therapists are good, so if you went to one you didn't like and just sat and listened to you (didn't try to teach you anything) then move on to the next! You don't need to waste your money on someone who is not good at what they do!

    Anyway, I can't stress it enough! Seek professional help; otherwise, you will not only end up still on your sofa each year to come, but your children will learn from you! They already are not only learning from you, but because of your depression, you're unable to give to them the kind of mothering they need. I'm sure you give them some - I have no idea, but I can say that it's not possible for you to be giving to them what they need emotionally and mentally because you are unable to give that to yourself.

    I'm not saying that to try to put you down in any way - I say that as motivation to get up off that couch! Is it easy? Heck no! Can you do it? I believe you can! Might you need some help to do whatever you need to move forward? Of course! We all do! Don't go to your family for any kind of mental/emotional help because you've already learned that they are not capable of giving it to you. That's fine. I have siblings who haven't a clue about what I go through, and I don't expect them to! It's not possible because they have never experienced it! They can be more compassionate - but fact remains, they aren't. I can't let that cause me to not seek help when I need it.

    FInd someone else who can be of support to you, and even if that turns out to be a stranger (your therapist - hint, hint!) then is that wrong? No! When a person seriously needs help, then it really doesn't matter all that much where they get it from. Do whatever you can to find the right kind of treatment for you. You will find out just how much you want it when you start taking every little step you can - even if baby steps!

    This is hard, but you have to somehow pick yourself up and take one step at a time toward your health and healing! If you need help finding a therapist, you can go to
    and type in your zip code. then a list of therapists in your area will show up. On the left side of the page you can filter results more such as male/female, areas of training or illness, etc. Many of them will offer a sliding scale fee (by what you can afford) and a free phone or in person consultation. You can email them and tell them what you are looking for and also state what you can afford per session so as not to waste yours or their time. You may find someone who won't charge too much for you and that you like!

    Take just one step tomorrow. Maybe look at that site. Or ask someone who could help you find someone. If you have to through insurance, then call them to ask who's on thier list. Just one thing. Whatever you choose.

    Or maybe don't even do that first. Maybe force yourself to do one thing that you need or want done. If you simply can't push yourself to do that, then pick something that's easier. Then each day forward, pick something else according to what you think is best. I know it's hard! Believe me, I know! I've been there! It's friggen more hard than some people give it credit for - but just aS it's hard, it's also possible! :)

    There is Hope! Find it and hold onto it forever! When you do and really understand it, you won't be the same!

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    RE: I don't know what else to do...

    I think I’m exactly where you are. I've been treated for depression and anxiety for over 20 years. For the past 4 years, I can't seem to get out of the quagmire. Taking my own life is right around the corner.