• 8 days ago

    Having a hard time with an unexpected pregnancy

    I've been on medication for depression and anxiety for years. Have been through therapy as well. My depression heightens by certain triggers, usually things that are out of my control.

    Recently, my 28 year old daughter came to visit with her boyfriend of 6 years and told us they were expecting. This has really hit me hard. I know that she is an adult living 8 hours away, but I can't help but be mad at her for allowing this to happen. I guess I was brought up in an extremely traditional religious manner where this was frowned upon. I never thought this would happen to one of our three daughters. I know that I need to get over it, accept it (out of my control right) ... but I'm struggling ... I haven't even been able to pick up the phone to call her to check in .... my husband and older daughter have moved forward with the news and are much more accepting than I am. I am still so depressed about this and am dreading the news getting out to friends and family, who are very old=fashioned. I feel ashamed of myself for feeling this way but I can't stop crying.

    She and her boyfriend are thrilled about this and are planning a reveal in the next couple weeks. We are planning to go but will be hard. I guess I'm just needing to vent to someone. My husband is tired of me behaving this way and crying, so I keep my feelings to myself.

    To add salt to injury, one of my best friends daughters just got engaged ..... I am thrilled for them but can't help but feel envy. I don't know my friends will react when they hear the knews. I have always dealt with low self esteem and unfortunately care too much about what others think. My 89 year old mother needs to be told and I know she will not be happy.

    I appreciate you listening and welcome comments, thoughts and prayers for my daughter.