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    I need to be heard...

    I've never posted on a message board before. I'm not sure if this board is even meant as a support kind of group, but here I go anyway. I have struggled with anxiety and depression as long as I can remember. My life has been a rollercoaster because of it. I wasn't on medications or in therapy as a child. I sought help on my own and got a diagnosis when I was 19. I've been on and off medication ever since. Now I'm going through the worst/longest depressive episode I've ever experienced. The are a lot of factors, but as my depression grows so do the number of triggers. My anxiety got so bad this year that I developed a severe phobia of driving and have had to claw my way out of that (still working on it btw). I'm not motivated. I sit around most days and play video games because I don't have very much energy to do much else. It devastates me. I'm only 28! I shouldn't be this tired all the time. I shouldn't be isolating myself from friends, family, the world. I should be enjoying this time with my very living husband. I'm truly blessed with love all around me. That makes it worse, because it's like "why are you so unhappy? Look at this beautiful life you're building." So then I feel guilty. Idk. I'm so tired. I feel like I hold my husband back from doing the things he really wants to do in life. I feel like everyone is talking about me and that I'm always saying and doing the wrong thing. I don't really want to talk about it with anyone I know because a) learned the hard way that most people are not trustworthy b) I don't want to be a burden or sound like I'm whining and c) I'm so sick of everyone wanting to fix the situation. Just let me talk. I don't need problem solving right now. I need to be heard.


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        I suffer from major depression With a fear of driving as well. How crazy is that. My son is driving now and I make him stop more than half a car link behind the cars. He hates driving with me.
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        I’m sorry this is my first time in hear my husband is leary about me being on hear but I need people who understand as well.
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    RE: I need to be heard...

    I hear you. It is important to talk to people and I promise you are not a burden to me. You are actually helping me by giving me something to reply to, so I thank you for that. It is great that you recognize that you have love all around you. Do not feel guilty, you deserve to have a great life and remember that right now, you need to be your first priority! We are here for you.