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    No one who cares

    I have always been a go getter work hard, and still work hard, the last 6 years I have been on a roller coaster ride, my wife of 11 years up and leaves me to go back to take care of her father who is very I'll she tells me, which was a lie, and also her younger brother who is dying from extreme drug use, also a lie, she had cheated on me in the past but I always took her back that was 2011 so realizing she obviously did not want me any longer I let her go, I have a 28 yrs old son who has been a lot like me attitude values etc, who was stuck on a girl he dated for awhile he had been on his own for awhile and then lost what he had, so came to live me me , shortly after coming to live me I lost my good job and had to work two jobs to almost pay the Bill's, I had periodically asked him for financial help to pay rent and groceries, which he did, I should also mention that my son has had his share of emotional outbursts over the years..I believe he is bipolar but he would never seek help..I had worked 80 plus hours a week to support my family for years especially when he was younger and at times with little to no sleep and at times no food for me so that the rest of the family could eat.
    So in August of 2018 my son starts a huge fight saying I won't help him find a girlfriend and that I won't help him...resulting in him calling me a pos and him saying I owe him 4000 dollars, he leaves and says he does not want to ever talk to me again again, I have not talked to him since.
    I now go thru life as a zombie working 65 hrs a week to just get bye and have 0 confidence I hate myself, feel like a failure, only have my dog to keep me company and to love, he is an older dog, so when he goes I know I will too shortly after, I have no goals, no purpose....


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    RE: No one who cares

    Dude, thank you for sharing your story. You DO have purpose! It sounds like your wife and son have problems of their own -- THEY own their problems, not you.

    Find something that makes you happy and hang on to that. Sounds like you love your dog and that's a great thing.

    Hang in there.