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    Isolation last 20 months-580 days

    I have been in my room in my house since 3/16/18. I am bi polar and was under Dr care steady since 1997 except for 6-7 periods of isolation. I took meds as prescribed until 3/18. This time my isolation is far longer than any others. I feel ok physically and have taken no medications of any type since 5/18. I cannot tolerate people, loud noses or responsibility. My 22 yr old granddaughter accepts my agoraphobia and is my live in caretaker and savior!
    I pray daily and now hope to get medical care before 2020.
    Can anyone relate??


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    RE: Isolation last 20 months-580 days

    That is a lot to put on a 22 year old, think of the stress and hardships you are causing her. She deserves to get out and live her life the way she wants to. That is a very young age, you are creating a highly co-dependent relationship with this poor young woman. Get the help you need for yourself, it is up to you to take care of yourself in any way you can which means asking for help from professionals when you really need it. I would say it is a good time to visit a therapist of psychiatrist.
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        Hi there,

        Reading your post makes me feel sad for you! You are only 22 years old and if you continue in your isolation like this, you will only get worse.

        Nobody was meant to be entirely isolated like what you have been. You don't have to be a social butterfly, but you need to be around people. We are all wired that way.

        I can appreciate that you have agoraphobia, which obviously keeps you trapped in your home; but there is help for that! You do not have to live the rest of your life a prisoner in your own home, and even worse, being in such isolation! I strongly encourage you to see a therapist who can help you with your agoraphobia and other issues, and don't stop until you are able to come and go from your home as you please, and start being with people. It's not something can be "fixed" overnight, but your life will only get worse if you don't seriously address your issues. It won't be easy, but it will be easier to work on it now than putting it off until you are in your 30's or 40's or more. Do you want to be 25, 26, 30, 35 years old and still living and struggling as you are now? You will if you don't find a trained therapist who can help you and that you commit to doing the work with her/him to get you there! You get out of therapy what you put into it - so put everything you've got into the process so that you can be freed from the prison you are in!

        I promise you, you don't have to live another year like you are right now! That's not to say all your issues will be resolved in a year, but you can overcome a lot more than you may think when you put your heart and mind into it. We all have issues that we will be working on the rest of our lives; but the difference is that we can learn to do things differently so that we don't keep spinning our wheels doing the same unhealthy, ineffective things we've learned in our lives. Doing that only produces the same effect. Learning new tools that help us do things in a healthy way and changing old thinking patterns is part of what can be learned in therapy - learning it means applying it in our lives, not just head knowledge.

        I hope that you have or find a good therapist that you like and can work with and do so ASAP. If it turns out you don't really connect with that therapist, don't waste your money and find someone else. Its crucial to like, feel connected with, and grow to trust a therapist if it's going to be effective at all.

        Oh, you said that your granddaughter accepts your agoraphobia. She actually shouldn't. SHe should accept YOU in spite of your agoraphobia, but to say that she accepts it gives the message that it's Ok for you to live in that realm because you can't help it. So for her or anyone to accept it is subconsciously making you feel better about it. Agoraphobia is actually something that with therapy, can be overcome. It's definitely something that you (or others) can't control when in the heart of it, and it's real - I get that - but it's not like a disease that can't be cured, you know? I'm sure it would feel very scary to you at the thought of being able to leave your home whenever you want to, but that's because you haven't learned otherwise yet. You haven't been able to talk with a therapist about your fears and all that could be behind the issue - but when you do - when you start the process - which could take months or even longer - it's different for everyone - but the point is, it's possible! Not easy (but maybe easier than you think) and it could take 2 months or it could take 2 years before you are comfortable - I don't know - but start. Make an appointment with a therapist so that you can get better and start enjoying your life! Anything you have wanted to do in life? You can do them once you get into therapy and get control over it!

        I know that I've likely repeated myself in different ways, and have made this longer than probably necessary, but I can't seem to keep it brief. lol

        THere is hope for you! You can get better and then have the freedom to get on with your life! I genuinely hope the best for you!

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    RE: Isolation last 20 months-580 days

    Sorry to hear all this. You will be okay. Take care