• Hi I'm new here!

    Hello everyone I am new here I've replied to a few people posting on here just barely. I have been a addict for 23 years now over half my life. Was clean for 3 years doing great as soon as I got done with drug court jumped right back in. I suffer with horrible anxiety panic attacks and my new thing is depression. I am 39 mother of 2 amazing kids. And I have a amazing husband who is the best thing besides my kids that has happened to me. He has no idea that I've been doing my drug of choice since mothers day I hide it and lie but I don't want to hurt him again we've been together for 20 years married for 2. So why am I doing this why am I shooting up again why am I so depressed and lonely???!!!


  • 9 days ago

    RE: Hi I'm new here!

    Wow.. don't get used to on this bad addiction. We human can get rid those bad addiction! Those are poison for your body.. nothing else more.. So, choose is your! If you want a healthy life for your family you better start doing it now. No addiction!!!

    Good luck
  • 6 days ago

    RE: Hi I'm new here!

    Sorry your dealing with the addiction. That drug is very mind altering so what your dealing with is understandable with the lows. I'm sure you know that. I have issue with anxiety and all I use is Marijana. I know your scared of telling your family you relapsed. I understand, I have never been married, but I've lied to my ex and family to avoid conflict. Maybe you met someone else through drug court or rehab you can reach out to.