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    Hi there, it’s been over a month since i’ve posted on this site because i’ve genuinely felt like i was improving. Over the past year i’ve struggled with social anxiety that’s led to feelings of isolation and at times depression. Lately, i can feel myself slipping back into this state. i’ve become quieter around my friends, and social interactions have become draining. On weekends, when i can avoid it, i stay home ignoring texts and phone calls because i prefer the solitude. I feel like i have nothing to say, like i’m worthless and empty on the inside. I don’t want to feel like this, over the past month i’ve felt happiness that i hadn’t felt in so so long and i don’t want to lose that. I don’t want to lose myself in this again, but i don’t know how to battle these thoughts and feelings. i’m not looking for suggestions on how to improve but i just needed to get this off my chest. it feels as if i’m unable to go to anyone i trust because they’ve heard this same story for so long. i’m just so tired of this feeling, why can’t i be normal?


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    Hey, anonymous-
    I know you aren't looking for any suggestions on how to improve, so you can just ignore everything I'm saying here.
    My suggestion is that you find another side of yourself – another voice, so to speak – who can remind you what actions are good for you. You can't just have that socially anxious and depressed voice having dominance in your mind. That's just not fair.
    Then you have to instruct yourself to take some actions. Even though you FEEL like you don't want to have contact with people, find ways to have contact with people, because that's good for you. You don't have to do anything big. Start with small things, like saying hello to the person behind you in the grocery store line and telling them what a cute child they have. Stay focused on them as they smile and thank you. Just small ways like that to have human contact. We all need to be connected.
    For you, if you're not connecting with other people, you are up in your head, talking to yourself in ways that make you feel discouraged. So start small. But start. Small but FREQUENT. So, I'm not talking about every-other-day; I'm talking about some human contact in the morning and some human contact in the afternoon. EVERY day. That's a start.