• Exposing my Depression

    Let me start off by saying I am new to this website. I have nobody to talk to about my problems.

    I have been seeing this guy since May. We talk everyday. We aren't dating, but we like each other a lot. In fact I am going to start staying at his place with him soon. He just met my family last night.

    At School, work, and home I have a lot of problems.
    I have not been to school in over two weeks, whenever I'm at work I try to leave, and I never want to be home, and if I am, I lock myself in my room.

    I have struggled with Depression since October 2018. It keeps getting worse. I really don't know what to do anymore..


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    RE: Exposing my Depression

    How do you perceive!
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    RE: Exposing my Depression


    Did anything happen in your life that could have triggered this depression in you Oct 2018?

    Sometimes depression can be a symptom of something physical, and so it's good to see your primary care doctor to rule in or out anything physical.

    If it's not physical, I would suggest seeing a therapist who can help you work through this depression before it might get worse.

    Also, just my opinion, but you might want to think about it some more before moving in with the guy you met not too long ago. It's hard enough living with someone else, but when you don't know each other very well to start with, it could become an ugly situation quickly. It's also very difficult living with someone with depression (difficult for both people, but more for the one not depressed.)

    Anyway, give it some more thought.

    Take care