• 8 months ago

    I miss my depression

    I struggled with depression and mild anxiety for about 3 years and was to afraid to ask for help. on my own I slowly started getting better. right now i would say im pretty mentally stable. or at least the best i’ve been in a while. even though i am doing better and i have more hope and a better out look on life, i miss being in the state i was in. i haven’t been able to feel anything that deeply in a while.


  • 7 months ago

    RE: I miss my depression

    Why do you miss your depression from your previous island. They already have someone for their enjoyments. They wont miss you anymore. Don't miss them and get depressed for nothing. Be smart and let them out of your head then You will feel better. No need therapist for it.
  • 7 months ago

    RE: I miss my depression

    Ask yourself, "What's in it (depression) for me?"

    A lot of the time when we stay or want to stay in an unhealthy behavior or relationship, it's usually because there's something in it for us - but not something healthy.

    For example (and I'm not saying this of you because I don't know you) but some people like being unwell (physically or mentally) because they like the attention it gives them. So the attention is like a "hook" that keeps one holding on to the behavior and/or relationship.

    So, knowing that a life of depression is not something that should be desired, then ask yourself honestly exactly why you would want to go back?

    You said that you miss being in the state you were in. What exactly do you miss? If/when you can get to the real answer to that question and look at depression realistically, then you just might find what you find so attractive about depression. Believe me, there is nothing attractive about depression, and if you want to go back there, then you really need to look at why.