• Some notes

    I have been writing down some notes on depression and anxiety.
    - I am exhausted from feeling anxiety
    - I am not my experience of anxiety
    - I am not my experience of depression
    - Have I forgiven myself?
    - Take the time, slow down to make deep changes
    - Don't let negative thoughts run through your mind

    If anyone has notes to add, please do so.

    Best regards


  • 1 month ago

    RE: Some notes

    -Control your mind and you will control your feelings.
    -Depression and anxiety can be cured.
    -Seek help and you will find help.

  • 1 month ago

    RE: Some notes

    Thanks for sharing your notes (I like them!). Here are some of mine:

    When anxiety creeps up ...
    - take a break and change my location/scenery
    - consciously slow down
    - don't forget to breathe deeply
    - shoulders down, plant feet on the ground
    - again, take a deep breath
    - remember, everything is NOT an emergency
    - other people's issues are not my issues