• 8 months ago

    All I want to do is sleep and hide away

    So I have my anxiety meds, and I started a new drug for my Migraines but all I want to do is sleep and avoid people.
    I have a good day I go out do things and then I'm down again for 3-4 days wanting to sleep and stay in my room.
    I go to the store and the first scream of a child or loud noise sends me running out with no groceries.
    Now here is the kicker in all this I am a masochist I love pain, pain centers me I have friends in the lifestyle that help me by giving me pain on a weekly basis or a couple of times during the week.
    I seem to do well after for a day or two but then I go back into my 3-4 day depression and anxiety mode.
    What to do? I cant afford a therapist because my insurance only pays for so many sessions.
    Here I sit on this beautiful day dreading to even open a window shade and wishing it was night already...