• 20 days ago

    RE: Sertraline and when to change to another prescription

    Hi - Beyond anyone else being able to share their experience with you, I would highly recommend that you ask your doctor about your questions/concerns because he/she is the one who would be able to give you more insight because he/she knows how particular meds work and potential reasons and/or solutions to some of your questions. This is true especially if your prescribing doctor is a Psychiatrist because psych meds are what they specialize in and have years of training.

    That doesn't negate talking with others who are on the same med as you and can compare effects, but sometimes what you (or any of us) need are actual facts. It could very well be that some of the reactions to the med you are going through are not "normal" for you, and upon more inquiry of you from your doctor, he/she could unravel specifically why, and may need to change and/or adjust your meds, you know? That is something that not just anyone could answer for you because they don't know all the details of your health and history or education, which can be a deciding factor in what or how much you take.

    I understand that it can sometimes be difficult to present all of your med related concerns to your doctor and feel that you have been sufficiently heard and understood; but that's when you really have to be your own best advocate.

    I'm sorry that I have gone on a tangent about this - but I've seen too many people have negative outcome seeing their doctors mainly because of not communicating. We are a huge part of a team between us and our doctor, and without full participation of half the team, the results typically aren't going to be very good.

    If you've talked with your doctor about this already but don't feel you got answers or you didn't think to ask this or that, then ask again. Don't stop asking until you understand the answer and that you know if the doctor thinks anything can be done about it or if it will just go away. You have the right to know!

    Be your best advocate!